Special laminates



Our high pressure laminate is antimicrobial and Helps remove up to 99.7% the microbes on the surface

This is Antimicrobial Plus

Why do we need antimicrobial surfaces?

Benefits / Why silver ion technology?

Reduces odor and stain causing microbes, such as bacteria up to 99.9%.

Protects against mold and mildew.

Effective: it works against all bacteria, as well as mould and other microbes, including some viruses.

Without leaching. Long-Lasting: it will not wear out or wash off.

Inert: it has no negative effect on a product’s appearance or performance.

Asepsy and Hygiene for surfaces free of microbes, highly resistant to strong cleaning and disinfection products.*

Moisture resistant.

Easy to clean. Protected surfaces regardless the number of times they are cleaned.

Available on our full range of colors and designs. Please visit lamitech.co

High resistance to impact.

Durable surfaces.

Carbon neutral. Lamitech laminates are produced under a system that measures, controls and balances emissions. We compensate our footprint and favor the environment.

Contributes to minimize transmission.

Effective in environments and high traffic applications.

We work with the only first and only antimicrobial solutions provider to have HACCP International certified additives. This means they have been certified as food safe and suitable additions to food contact articles used as part of a HACCP based food safety programe.


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