Special laminates

Ex2 compact



Product Advantages

Available in more than 100 colors and designs, equivalent to the Panelex collection for Solids, Woodgrains, Stones and Youlab.


Carbon Neutral: Produced under a system that measures, controls and balances emissions. We compensate our footprint and favor the environment.

Easy and safe to install.


100% thermostable plastic, does not corrode.

High resistance to chemicals such as alkalis, acids and strong oxidizers.


Exceptional high scratch resistance.


Moisture resistant.


Good thermal and acoustic insulation.


High resistance to impact.


Fire retardant.


High dimensional stability.


UV protection prevents discoloration due to sunlight exposure.


Its inert behavior prevents mosses and lichens growth on surface.


Easy. to clean. Anti-graffiti composition minimizes soiling.


Its chemical composition and monolithic structure is not attacked by fungi, bacteria, pests and termites.


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